Tech Day

Hal, Lori and I spent a day on the Washburn campus learning about various technologies that can help us provide new and better services. This blog is one of the direct results! Here we can share what we want to learn and what we have learned, post helpful tips and success stories, and talk about opportunities for learning. We could publish goals and the numbers (statistics) that measure how we are doing with those goals.

The NEKLS Technology Blog summarizes what Michael Stephens talked about. Lori and I were privileged to have lunch at the same table with him! I read his blog Tame the Web every day with the Bloglines aggregator. It’s a good way to keep up with what’s new in the library world. He talked about Library 2.0, which means:

  • breaking barriers (review policies, keep a “no” log)
  • user-centered (find ways to deliver services that meet their needs)
  • good places to go (physically and online)

It’s all about:

  • Community
  • Conversation
  • Collaberation
  • Connecting
  • Content
  • Comments

In the afternoon breakout sessions I learned a bit about Homework Kansas which will be rolling out September 6th, and discussed what makes a library website a good one. I’m thinking about some possible changes there. I’ve already added a wifi logo and taken out the underlined links.

Lori attended an afternoon session about Flickr photos and one about WebJunction Kansas. When Hal gets back from Texas we’ll ask him about what he learned.

One thing I heard about was Playaway. This is a pre-loaded audio player that we could put a barcode on and check out. No tapes to break or disks to scratch! A lady I was talking to said they could be re-used. Looks like they cost from $30 and up.


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