Celebrate the Book

Several of us attended “Celebrate the Book” at the Topeka-Shawnee County Library on November 3rd, 2006. Here are Rosemary’s notes from the programs she attended:

Ideas for Library Blog Topics

Meghan keeps current information about books and programs posted on the Papercuts blog at Topeka-Shawnee County. It’s a very entertaining and informative blog that I read regularly. Sounds like it takes quite an investment of time-Any volunteers to help with ours?! I garnered some ideas for things to put on our blog:

  • News
  • Programs
  • Pictures of displays
  • Reader’s Advisory
    • Reviews
    • What’s popular
    • If you like, you might like…
    • Highlight older books
  • Resources
    • Highlight reference books
    • Websites
    • Kansas Library Card
    • Outreach
  • Reference question of the week
  • Interviews
    • Local authors
    • Question list: worst book ever read?
  • Marketing

Visual Merchandising


Create awareness and desire with displays, a triangle or pyramid shape is best. ABC dividers for DVDs/VHS look like a great idea.

Display ideas:

  • Books about the farm-wagon
  • Dress for success-suitcases
  • Southern Living-swing, hat, iced drink Gone w/the wind
  • Glamour, Hollywood-repeat copy of Marilyn Monroe picture+red nail polish
  • Horror-stabbed books (foam+covers) looking for more?-Dewey #s: ghosts, true crime
  • Inspirational fiction-dove, battery candle

Publicity Pizzazz

This hands-on workshop was on how to use Word for desktop publishing.

Tips I didn’t know:

  • Hold shift down while drawing lines or boxes & they will be perfect
  • Add text to a basic shape with right click
  • Word Art-diamond tool is distortion
  • Use snapshot tool (camera icon) to capture an image that is in pdf format
  • Fill line-can choose “no line”
  • Draw-can choose align or distribute
  • Nudge with control key plus arrows

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