Work Goals

Clear work goals really clarify how to spend your time most effectively.

1. Review The Ottawa Library Mission Statement, Vision and Values. What performance goals will support them?

2. Review your job description. What are the key accountabilities or job duties? What are some specific performance objectives with measurable outcomes?

3. Identify competencies to be developed and what is needed to accomplish each goal/duty. What behaviors will demonstrate support of library values?

4. Identify innovative ways to improve resources/services provided by the library. What problems can be solved to provide better service?

Develop SMART Goals…goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Focused, and Time-Bound. This simple formula helps to create SMART goals: “I will (goal + performance measure) BY (specific actions).”

Goal Checklist:

  • Do goals support the organization’s mission & goals?
  • Do goals focus on major rather than minor areas of responsibilty?
  • Are the expected results within the employee’s control?
  • Can progress be measured for each goal?
  • Have reasonable time frames been identified?
  • Are the goals a “stretch?”

Questions to consider:

Individual Development Plan

Performance Management

Goal Form (doc)


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