The date column to the left in the FinesTab-Account is the date the charge is posted to the account.

“Last Seen” may show the last time the item was checked out or renewed. In some cases it seems to  show when it was checked in, however this does not seem to always be the case. At this time I wouldn’t rely on it for that.

So…looking at the fines tab, how can you tell:

  1. When an item was checked out? you can’t…look at the date in the left column under Item Checkout History.
  2. When an item was due? this can be seen several places, including behind the title in the fines tab.
  3. When an item was marked “Lost?” Note that the “Return Date” can be the date an item was marked Lost. The system considers it no longer checked out, although it’s not actually “returned.”
  4. Is the item actually checked in? If so, when was it checked in?  if an item was marked lost, then checked in, the fines tab will show “Item Returned” and the amount of the item credited. The date in the left column of that row would be the date it was checked in and credited to the account. If an item has not been marked lost, it’s pretty simple to look at Checkouts to see if it still shows up there.


Do not give out applications…a parent must be PRESENT to sign for a child’s card.

If a card is reported lost or stolen and not replaced right away, Flag the patron card as “lost.” Change the status back when they come in the replace the card.


Do not use guest passes for children on computers, because there is no parent signature saying Internet use is approved.


Information in the Address 2 line does not print, so be sure to include apartment and lot #s on the Address one line.


Offer to get back issues of magazines for patrons.

When checking out, be careful to include patron info and all of the date.


ILLs do not list a price. If they are lost, we must check with the lending library for the price of the item(s)


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