Staff Training

A. New Employees

B. Library Information

B-1 Library website.

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Library Webpage Hunt (pdf)

B-2 Library Hours

B-3 Staff
LEARNING ACTIVITY: Staff Match | Answers

B-4 Board Members | Mission Statement (pdf)

B-5 Resources

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Word Search (pdf)

B-6 Services

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Who wants to be a winner? (PowerPoint)

B-7 Interlibrary Loan FAQs

B-8 Programs-there are many ongoing and special programs. Clipboards for sign-ups are at the Circulation Desk. If there is a fee, write a receipt in the large receipt book.

B-9 Circulation Policies

  • Internet
  • Library Cards
  • Loan Periods
  • Limits
  • Overdue Fines
  • Renewals

C. Circulation Procedures


D. Computer Skills

D-1 KOHA Circulation System


D-2 Using the NExpress online catalog

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Searching NExpress Exercises (pdf)

D-3 Online Databases: Look up a magazine article

D-4 Kansas Library Cards provide access to Homework Kansas & Audiobooks, Music & More. We can call Eric Gustafson at the State Library, 785-296-8252 with any questions.

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Issue a Kansas Library Card | Review Audiobooks, Music & More | Watch PowerPoint Presentation about Homework Kansas

D-5 Computer Basics-Troubleshooting (pdf) Frequently Asked Questions

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Assess your skills and expand your knowledge at the Daily PlanIt Development Center:

  • Windows
  • Word
  • Email
  • Internet

D-6 Reference on the Internet-Become familiar with the resources on the library webpage, including the Reference page

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Internet Treasure Hunt Part One | Part Two

E. Advanced Skills

F. Further Staff Development Opportunities

F-1 Customer Service 101 (pdf) | Standards of Library Customer Service

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Frontline Public Services Customer Service Module | Watch “Give ’em a pickle” video

F-2 DEFUSE difficult situations (doc)

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Read “Black Belt Librarian” or “It Comes With the Territory”

F-3 Quiz

F-4 Learn more skills at the Development Center


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