E-Advanced Skills

E-1 Problem Solving

A flipper by the cash register contains information about dealing with problem situations.

E-2 Reference Room

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Reference Room Treasure Hunt Questions (doc) | Answers

Reference 123 Service Module (Houston) Reference 101 (Colorado)

E-3 Voter Registration

  • Cards are located in file drawer
  • Put by postage meter machine to be taken to courthouse
  • Give TC count when taken
  • Call the County Clerk at 229-3410 if any questions

E-4 Claimed Returneds

  • If there is time, immediately check the shelf.
  • If not, politely obtain as much information as possible and make a note. Explain that we will check here as soon as possible.
  • If not found, add a note to the patron record with initials and date.
  • If found here, apologize for the mistake.

E-5 Lost Materials

  • Check the shelf
  • Write a large receipt
  • Include title and author, price, patron name and address
  • Put a copy of the receipt in Circulation librarian’s box to enter into the system
  • Enter money in cash register
  • We can refund the price of the item if found and returned in good condition within 6 months

E-6 Opening & Closing Procedures (pdf)

E-7 History of the Library

E-8 Local History

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Local History & the Ottawa Library see Learning Activities

E-9 Genealogy

E-10 Reader’s Advisory (Ohio)

LEARNING ACTIVITY: see Learning Activities


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