D-Computer FAQs

The following questions are frequently asked, so you will need to become familiar with these answers.

Q. Does the library have wireless access?

A. Yes, on both levels. Know where the hubs are and how to reset the system if a patron says they cannot connect.

Q. Who is the provider of our Internet connection?

A. Our connection is a T1 line provided by Franklin County.

Q. What version is the operating system on our public computers?

A. Windows XP.

Q. What version of Microsoft Office is on our public computers?

A. Office 2003 and 2010 includes Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Q. Are there filters on our public Internet?

A. Yes. Know how to disable filters when an adult requests it.

Q. Can I chat?

A. Yes, using the web-based Yahoo Messenger.

Q. How can I save my work?

A. Files can be saved to removable storage devices: most of the computers can burn a CD, all have a USB port to save to a flash drive. Files saved on the computer itself will not be retained.

Q. Where do I go to search for jobs or file for unemployment?

A. Kansas Works

Q. Where do I go to apply for city or county jobs?

A. HRPartners

Q. How do I make a resume?

A. In Microsoft Word, go to File-New and select a resume template or the resume wizard.

Q. How do I sign up for email?

A. Be familiar with this process so you can provide assistance.

You will need general computer skills to answer some questions that come up. We can’t always answer every question, but the more you learn the better you will be able to help.

In addition to knowing the answers to these frequently asked questions, you will need to:


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