C-Circulation Procedures

Be familiar with Circulation Policies

C-1 Shelving (pdf)

LEARNING ACTIVITY: Do Dewey | Dewey Decimal Tour

Special Collections Map | Answers

C-2 Checking In

  • Go to Check In
  • Check condition before checking in
  • Count multi-part materials
  • Check AV materials for correct parts
  • Scan each item’s barcode twice
  • Watch screen for notices of holds and route accordingly
  • Items on hold for “ILL” go into cabinet in Tech Services
  • Items that need mending check out to “repair-ottawa” and put on counter in Tech Services
  • Watch for notices: “lost, now found” “withdrawn” or “no barcode found”…these go into the white bucket for further research
  • Be Careful! Do not mix up items that have not been checked in yet with items that have

C-3 Library Cards

  • The first card is free, $1.00 to replace
  • Under age 18 a parent signature is required, parent needs ID w/current address or library card
  • Adults must have a photo ID with current address, can offer postcard verification if needed to go with photo ID
  • Check the registration form, note ID and initial
  • Enter the information in the system
  • Important! Be sure to save
  • Put the registration form in file
  • A card is required to check out materials or use the public use computers

Lost Library Card

  • Look up the patron with an ID if possible for a replacement card, children without an ID will need a parent unless the address, phone number and birthdate they provide match exactly what is in the system.
  • Look up user
  • Edit user and scan new number in
  • This deactivates the original card

C-4 Checking Out

  • Scan the patron’s library card
  • Check for alerts or fines
  • Check multipart audiovisual materials
  • Scan each of the item barcodes
  • Watch for message screens
  • Print receipt and give to the patron (unless they don’t want it!)
  • Click away from the screen

C-5 Overdue Fines

  • Fines are 15 cents per item per day, 50 cents per item per day on movies
  • Maximum fine is $3.00 per item
  • Enter the amount into the system
  • Enter money in the cash register
  • Count change back
  • One or more item overdue 21 days or more, or a $10.00 fine will block checking out more materials
  • Fines accrue from the due date unless they are returned in the grace period

C-6 Placing Holds

  • Look up the item
  • Look up the patron who wants the hold
  • Place the hold

C-7 Renewals

  • Most items can be renewed twice if not on hold: Except for DVDs
  • Renewal requests for ILLs can only be granted through the Ill department and at the discretion of the lending library.
  • Look up the patron and select items to renew.
  • Tell the patron the new due date.

C-8 Computer Use Guidelines

C-9 Equipment

The library has an Overhead Projector that can be checked out. It is kept in the vault. There is a $2.00 bulb fee for these, and we scan the barcode to check it out for one week.

You should know how to:

  • Add paper to Copier-
    • clear jams
    • reduce and enlarge
    • make double-sided copies
  • Enter money into the cash register
  • Replace receipt printer paper
  • Reseat a barcode scanner
  • Make labels with the label maker

C-10 Telephone

Phone Book pdf


  • -210 Reference
  • -211 Upstairs meeting room
  • -212 Director
  • -213 Childrens
  • -214 Circ (by reserves)
  • -215 Vault
  • -216 Tech Services
  • -217 Activity Room
  • -218 Break Room
  • -219 Circ (by check-in)
  • 220 LK
  • 221 LS
  • 222 LC
  • 223 RH
  • -226 Circulation portable

C-11 Calling Holds (Reserves)

  • Hold 1 week
  • Mark email,  LM if Leave Message, LMM if Leave Message Machine
  • File by patron’s last name on Reserve shelf


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