A-New Employees

Library Assistant Introduction (pdf)

A-1 Policy Manual. The Ottawa Library Policy Manual is in a red notebook at the Circulation Desk.

A-2 Benefits. You will gain work experience and knowledge about information resources while working at the library. You may see many interesting books and other materials, and staff members often have the first chance to check these out. However, reading on the job is not possible because of our other work duties. Set tempting materials aside for reading on your own time. Also there are no fines while you are an employee, copies are only five cents, and you may order books through the library at discount prices.

A-3 Dress Code. Appearance must be neat and clean.

A-4 Schedules. Check the schedule kept on the calendar at the Circulation Desk. If a change needs to be made, give as much advance notice as possible.

A-5 Time Sheets. Time sheets are kept in a file at the Circulation Desk. Your time sheet needs to reflect actual time worked and should be kept current. The cutoff date is the third Sunday of each month. Paychecks will be placed in your drawer after 3pm the last day of the month.

A-6 Staff Notes. Read staff notes to keep up with current information. Staff meetings are generally held monthly 8am the Wednesday after board meeting and notes will be emailed. Ask, if you have any questions! If you need to leave a note about anything, make it as clear as possible, date and initial it.

A-7 Confidentiality. All library records which identify library patrons by name are strictly confidential. Such records are not to be made available to any individual or agency. Never give out information:

  1. from our registration files.
  2. on who has a particular item checked out.
  3. who has an item on hold.

A-8 Library Abbreviations.

  • ILL = Interlibrary Loan
  • VF = Vertical File aka Pamphlet File
  • OR = Outreach
  • AV = Audiovisual
  • AP = Art Print
  • OPAC=Online Personal Access Catalog (Webcat)
  • More Acronyms

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